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  3. Standard Capital has signed a partnership agreement with SolidBlock to develop the real estate security token (digital securities) market


Standard Capital has signed a partnership agreement with SolidBlock to develop the real estate security token (digital securities) market

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daiyo Yamaguchi) is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with SolidBlock (CEO: Yuval Wirzberger), which develops the real estate security token business.

1. Details of the partnership agreement

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. and SolidBlock have signed a partnership agreement to develop the real estate security token market.

The two companies will work together to improve the liquidity of the real estate market using blockchain technology along with shared information and technology.

2. Purpose of the partnership contract

SolidBlock provides a real estate security token issuance and trading platform and is working to digitize real assets, which were previously difficult to securitize, as well as acquire a global investor base.

Blockchain technology is being used in various countries to speed up and improve transparency of real estate management operations which were previously conducted on paper.

SolidBlock is expanding its business globally with a view to increasing access to investment-grade real estate through technological innovation.

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. is developing the real estate STO system “J-FTA” and has signed this partnership agreement for the mutual development of the real estate security token market in Japan and overseas.

3. About future development

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. and SolidBlock seek to collaborate with real estate companies in each country through vigorous overseas expansion  with the aim of revitalizing global real estate investment through blockchain technology.

In recent years, exchanges using decentralized finance (DeFi) have been instrumental in the growth of small investment in the real estate market, as well as in facilitating secondary market trading.

As efforts to digitize real assets progress in each country, the two companies will collaborate on activities that accurately anticipate and capitalize on market trends.

■ About SolidBlock

Based in New York and Israel, SolidBlock specializes in real estate asset tokenization – the convergence of real estate investment and blockchain technology, transforming properties into secure tradable financial products. This offers investors the opportunity for liquidity through trading digital shares on various global exchanges and alternative trading systems (ATSs). In 2018, SolidBlock was instrumental in the world’s first successful tokenization of a commercial real estate property, the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado. For more information, visit https://www.solidblock.co/ .

■ About Standard Capital

Expanded the personal authentication system business and expanded the business to manage related information and realize secure information exchange by seamless connection with external services.

Based on the “XELA ID” that can manage the information of the person himself / herself with a strong security structure, we will also work on a security enhancement service that can be applied to various fields.

We are also developing an STO business that enables financing by securities issued using electronic means such as blockchain, and an STO system that realizes small-lot real estate investment.

CEO : Taisei Yamaguchi
Address :〒104-0061 Kirarito Ginza 11F, 1-8-19, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: November 2018
Capital, etc .: 641.9 million yen
URL: https://standardcapital.co.jp/