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About joining the General Incorporated Association Smart Contract Promotion Association

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taisei Yamaguchi) has joined the Smart Contract Promotion Association as an operating member. The Smart Contract Promotion Association is a general incorporated association that promotes the establishment of self-regulatory rules and standards for smart contracts in order to realize a more comfortable society (Society 5.0 and SDGs) that utilize smart contracts.


■ About the General Incorporated Association Smart Contract Promotion Association


Smart contracts mean that programs run automatically according to established rules. The utilization of smart contracts is expected as the traditional centralized social system that guarantees the trust of institutions and third-party organizations is shifting to a digital social system that is decentralized by technology. Smart contracts are used in various industrial fields because it is possible to build a system without the intervention of a third party by a mechanism that automatically fulfills the contract conditions agreed in advance. In order to realize a society in which more people can enjoy the benefits of digitalization, it is important to work on commercialization through enlightenment and demonstration for its dissemination.


The Association of Smart Contract Promotion Associations aims to develop regulations and plan and support demonstration experiments on the premise of non-face-to-face conclusions. We will promote efforts to standardize smart contracts by organizing legal requirements for how to utilize smart contracts, examining payments and incidental operations, establishing working groups, and establishing guidelines for utilizing smart contracts.


■ Background of joining the Smart Contract Promotion Association


In countries around the world, infrastructure using smart contracts is being developed to ensure the transparency of seamless cross-border transactions and to automate payments based on transaction data. With the growing awareness that if we cannot respond to the global trend of digitalization, we will be left behind from the world, each country is also working on digitalization of government and DX (digital transformation). Actively utilizing the latest digital technologies, including smart contracts, will lead to the regaining of international competitiveness.


Since its founding in 2018, Standard Capital Co., Ltd. has promoted social implementation of digital technology through the development / provision of security token exchange “ALLEX”, real estate STO system “J-FTA”, digital ID system “XELA”, etc. We wanted to contribute to the promotion of smart contracts by utilizing the knowledge we have cultivated, so we participated in the Smart Contract Promotion Association.


■ About the General Incorporated Association Smart Contract Promotion Association


Name General Incorporated Association Smart Contract Promotion Association
Location 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kirarito Ginza 11F
Established October 20, 2020
URL https://smartcontract.bz/


■ About Standard Capital


Expanded the personal authentication system business and expanded the business to manage related information and realize secure information exchange by seamless connection with external services.Based on the “XELA ID” that can manage the information of the person himself / herself with a strong security structure, we will also work on a security enhancement service that can be applied to various fields.We are also developing an STO business that enables financing by securities issued using electronic means such as blockchain, and an STO system that realizes small-lot real estate investment.


CEO Taisei Yamaguchi
Address 〒104-0061 Kirarito Ginza 11F, 1-8-19, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established November 2018
Capital 641.9 million yen
URL https://standardcapital.co.jp/


■ Contact for news releases


Contact Public Relations Department, Standard Capital Co., Ltd.
Phone number 03-6805-1517
Mail info@standardcapital.co.jp