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  3. Findora signs partnership agreement to build Japan’s digital financial market and expand its infrastructure


Findora signs partnership agreement to build Japan’s digital financial market and expand its infrastructure

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Taisei Yamaguchi), a venture capital and STO firm, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Findora (CEO: Charles Lu), which is building a global distributed financial network.

1.Details of the Partnership Agreement

Standard Capital Corporation and Findora have signed a partnership agreement to develop and collaborate on a private blockchain supporting Japanese banks using blockchain technology and to build a global STO infrastructure Findora has developed financial infrastructure and STO platforms. The two companies aim to collaborate in solving the challenges associated with the current financial infrastructure while providing each other with their information and technology.

2. Purpose of the partnership agreement

Findora is highly skilled in the development of financial applications and technology using zero-knowledge proof for solutions in building a common financial infrastructure. In addition, zero-knowledge proof allows users to disclose the fact that they are KYC certified by a financial institution and on-chain assets without disclosing personal information.

Findora’s lending platform provides transparent data in a manner that complies with the relevant regulations for lending information brokers on the internet.

In addition to being publicly audited for basic compliance, they are privately audited by regulators at a tiered level for access to more detailed information.
A single infrastructure lowers the barriers to entry into the financial industry, allowing financial institutions, businesses and individual users to participate without security or privacy concerns.

Findora is also committed to developing an STO platform, and the agreement between the two parties will help build a global STO market. Standard Capital Corporation has partnered with a variety of financial services partners, and entering into agreements with them will allow us to provide a robust financial platform to the world.

3.Future developments

Standard Capital and Findora will work together to develop and build a globally decentralized financial infrastructure, with Findora’s vision to diversify and revitalize the global financial system as a pioneer in the fintech industry. Standard Capital is committed to being a partner in the global financial marketplace, and we are committed to a comprehensive approach to staying on top of market trends.

■About Findora
The Findora team, comprised of entrepreneurs and academics from Stanford University, announced the development of Findora, a cryptographically transparent public blockchain for building financial applications, on July 16, 2019.
Using advanced cryptographic research to build auditable yet private financial applications and network systems, ensuring data privacy, regulatory compliance, and full scalability.
Announced a partnership agreement with Tencent Cloud, the world’s leading provider of cloud computing and Internet value-added services, the world’s first to support the issuance, processing, verification and storage of encrypted transactions and assets.
The company provides confidential ledger product, code-named “zkLDB” on top of Tencent Cloud.
CEO : Charles Lu
Location : Menlo Park, CA 94027, US
URL : https://findora.org/

■About Standard Capital
Expanding the business of realizing secure information exchange through secure management of related information and seamless connections with external services by developing a personal authentication system business.
Centered on the “XELA ID”, which enables the person to manage his or her information with a strong security structure, the company will also work on a security enhancement service that can be applied to many fields.
The company is also developing an STO business that makes it possible to procure funds through securities issued using electronic means such as blockchain, and STO systems that enable small-lot real estate investments, thereby revitalizing the financial capital market and improving the efficiency of the financial system.
Standard Capital is also involved in the promotion of electronic contracting services and technological development, as well as providing support for donations and medical technology support projects.
CEO : Taisei Yamaguchi
Address: 203 Shibuya Ibis Building, 2-17-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
Establishment :November 2018
Capital: 641,900 thousand yen

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