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  3. Participated in “BLOCKCHAIN ​​2020” held in Jakarta, Indonesia


Participated in “BLOCKCHAIN ​​2020” held in Jakarta, Indonesia

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Taisei Yamaguchi) made a presentation under the theme of “Development of STO” at “BLOCKCHAIN ​​2020” held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

■ Announcements

Adopt a consortium chain that is not a public network but a semi-centralized network. This eliminates unnecessary calculation costs for transaction processing, reduces the number of notebooks, and realizes a high-speed transaction system. (Transactions per second on the Tokyo Stock Exchange are said to be 1000 to 2000 TPS.)

Problem: In the security token market, a primary market has been formed with ERC20 and proprietary protocols, and there is a problem that services such as exchanges and wallets must be handled individually for each token. Resolution: “ST20 (Allex token)” is being developed with the aim of becoming a “standard for security tokens”.


The JP standard introduces six functions to ensure the soundness of the blockchain market, and from the viewpoint of investor protection, we design a system that separates authority from each organization. In the event of an emergency such as hacking or leakage of personal information, asset recovery and legal measures are taken by forcibly canceling transactions and charging back.

We have completed funding 3 million USD from securities companies and venture capital. The funds raised will be used for system development and personnel acquisition at the security token exchange “ALLEX” scheduled to be opened in January 2020, and the operation system will be strengthened.

In the future, various related businesses (KYC / AML services, law firms, etc.) related to STO are expected to develop, and we plan to develop laws in Japan and expand overseas.

Based on the CEZA / DATO law, we have established a security token exchange system, and we are also conducting medium- to long-term discussions with CEZA regarding the compliance with international laws and regulations and the organization of accounting and tax standards. In January 2020, we plan to open the security token exchange “ALLEX” and are working to create a secondary market.

In Chile, the Valparaiso Stock Exchange was abolished in 2018, and is currently working with a view to opening it as a security token exchange. We want to contribute to the future development of Valparaiso, a historical symbol, as a center for financial markets in South America as well as Chile. And we are working on the development of laws and regulations with a view to the future of South America.

Bangladesh is planning to issue promissory bills using blockchain in collaboration with Danal Japan and Lakara Japan. We aim to achieve financial inclusion by providing financial services to people who could not have bank accounts within the existing financial framework.

Through the security token exchange “ALLEX” project in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in Philippines, we aim to spread STO not only in Philippines but also in other countries. In the future, we plan to develop security token mechanisms and exchanges system that use security tokens in various countries.

The initial cost can be reduced by 90% compared to the existing stock exchange system.

1. We aim to stabilize the securities market issuance process and reduce related costs by using blockchain and smart contracts for security tokens.

2. By introducing a security token transaction system that reduces costs, we support the digitization of finance in each country.

3. In addition to system implementation support, we will provide comprehensive support that accurately captures future market trends, and for future legal regulations.

We provide continuous consulting services such as security token issuance, management, settlement, and incidental operations, as well as compliance with laws and regulations aimed at protecting investors.

In addition to consulting for each project, we will also work on the development of laws and security token exchange systems in each country.

【Company Profile】

Company name: Standard Capital Co., Ltd.

Developed STO (Security Token Offering) business to improve liquidity in the funding market. The real estate STO system “J-FTA” and the security token exchange “ALLEX” will be opened in January 2020 at CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) in the Philippine Special Economic Zone.

URL: https://standardcapital.co.jp/
Name of representative: Taisei Yamaguchi
Location: Shibuya Ibis Building 203, 2-17-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Established: November 2018
Capital: 343.9 million yen

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