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Demonstration experiment on security token , regulatory and market research reports of each country

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Taisei Yamaguchi) conducted demonstration experiments on security tokens and conducted regulatory and market research in each country.

Report URL:https://standardcapital.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Legalpaper-3.0-EN.pdf

Summary of the survey (excerpt)】

Examples of using security tokens in capital markets in Japan, the United States, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar

Utility of security token exchange in the US private placement market

Usefulness of security token exchange in the capital markets of emerging countries

Efforts on security tokens in each country and regulations

Details on the CEZA DATO (Digital Asset Token Offering) method

Use of security tokens to activate the Philippine capital market

Future rules and regulations regarding security tokens

General remarks

This time, we examined the concept of security tokens (digitalization of securities) and examined the future legislation on security tokens, assuming a survey of capital market issues in each country. Various efforts are being made in each country regarding security tokens. It is important to understand its usefulness in light of the latest developments in capital markets and policies in each country. In the future, we will continue discussions with regulators and stock exchanges in each country on the international laws and regulations on cryptographic assets and security tokens, and will make efforts to strengthen the market.

The meeting between Naokazu Takemoto, IT Policy Minister and CEZA CEO, Secretary of State Raoul Lambino, took place on January 4, 2020. The future of financial business in the Philippines and Asia was discussed.

“Need to establish clear regulations on crypto assets and security tokens” “Financial System Cooperation between Asian Countries” The meeting have received great response and have been reported in numerous Southeast Asian media.

The CEZA website and media reports also mention the security token exchange “ALLEX”, which is said to play an important role in promoting security tokens in the Philippines.

ALLEX still will play an influential role in helping to train Philippine blockchain developers in how to create security tokens. This Japan-Philippine technology and knowledge transfer is one of the economic benefits of having foreign back office support within CEZA.

ReferencesJapan and PH partner to make Asia a truly technologically advanced region / CEZA website https://ceza.gov.ph/article/japan-and-ph-partner-make-asia-truly-technologically-advanced-region

ALLEX will continue to work on the spread of security tokens as a bridge between the Philippines and Asia and Japan.

■About CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority)

The CEZA (Cagayan Special Economic Zone Authority), which manages the Cagayan Special Economic Zone, is a government established on February 24, 1995 by the Republic Act Article 7922, known as the Cagayan Special Economic Zone Act of 1995.

The CEZA is located in the northern part of Luzon, Philippines, has the legal authority to approve applications independently without prior approval from government agencies, and issues CEZA Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange (OVCE) Licensees.

The Government of the Philippines has announced the DATO (Digital Asset Token Offering) Act through the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

The regulation provides a regulatory authority for crypto assets in the CEZA or the Philippines and assists in enforcing the rule as the Asia Blockchain and Crypto Association (ABACA) or the Self-Regulating Authority (SRO).

Name of representative:Ramon M. Lopez
Location: 10th Floor Greenfield Tower, Mayflower cor. Williams Streets, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City Philippines
Established:February 24, 1995

■ Security token exchange “ALLEX”

Security token exchange “ALLEX” is a security token exchange established to improve the liquidity of the private equity investment market. ALLEX will provide support services for listing eligibility, including security token issuance / management / payment and related services, as well as auditing and various services. “ALLEX” has realized security token trading with the viewpoint of investor protection, and plans to develop and introduce an exchange system that meets the laws and regulations of each country in the future. The “ALLEX TOKEN” STO has been implemented since January 6, and full-scale start on January 31 is planned.

■About Standard Capital

We are developing an STO (Security Token Offering) business to improve the liquidity of funds. We open the security token exchange ALLEX at CEZAThe Philippine Special Economic Zone in January 2020.We are also working on the development of the real estate retail trading platform J-FTA.We are preparing to open security token exchanges in Chile and Indonesia as new stock exchanges, and working on legislation to contribute to the future development of financial markets in South America and Asian countries.Also provided legal support for the drafting of self-regulation by the Japan Security Token Operators Association and legal services for domestic STO

Name of representative: Taisei Yamaguchi
Location: Shibuya Ibis Building 203, 2-17-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Established: November 2018
Capital: 343.9 million yen

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